Nicoise Salad – A Typical French Delight

Niçoise salad is a delicious and popular salad typical of the Niçoise region in France. This healthy and fresh salad is a mix of nutritious and tasty ingredients that combine to create an explosion of flavors in your mouth. It is an excellent option for those looking for a light alternative to heavy and rich dishes. This Niçoise salad recipe is easy to make and is perfect to share for a family lunch or dinner. You don’t need to be a professional chef to make this delicious salad, just follow the steps and enjoy!

– 1 head of romaine lettuce.
– 2 medium tomatoes.
– 1 purple onion.
– 1 green pepper.
– 4 boiled eggs.
– 160 g of canned tuna.
– 20 black olives.
– Salt and pepper to taste.
– Olive oil and vinegar.

Calories: 380 calories per serving.

Step by step:
1. Wash and cut the lettuce into large pieces. Place in a large salad bowl.
2. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into slices. Add the slices to the salad bowl.
3. Cut the onion into thin slices and add it to the salad.
4. Add the green pepper, making sure to cut it into small pieces so it mixes well into the salad.
5. Cut the boiled eggs into four parts, and add them to the salad.
6. Add the tuna and black olives to the salad.
7. Add olive oil and vinegar to taste.
8. Gently mix the ingredients with a pair of kitchen utensils, making sure everything is well mixed.

Niçoise salad is a great option for those looking for a healthy and tasty meal. This recipe is easy to make and is perfect to share with friends and family. Remember that the key to a good salad is a balanced mix of nutritious and tasty ingredients. Try this recipe and surprise your guests with a traditional French salad!

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